Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Hoorah!

This is the finale. The Big Hoorah! I’d like to start off by saying what a great experience this project has been. I not only got the chance to learn about something I feel closely related to, but I also got to learn things about myself. Things such as, I suck at time management.  But other things like, living each day like it is a gift and enjoying the time we have here. I am disappointed in myself to say the least about where my project finished. I was given an opportunity to do something important to not just me, but people all over, and I blew it. Coming out of it I am proud that I chose something tough, and weirdly enough, I am content with failing. If I did not fail, I would’ve learned nothing.
But overall, looking at twenty time as a whole, I did not like the project. If I could redo it I would’ve chosen a project that I could’ve done all in class instead of having to worry about it on my own time. For sophomores in high school, were juggling a lot on our plate (some more than others). We have 7 classes to study for, sports after school, we like to spend time with family and friends, and most importantly were teenagers who sometimes just want to sleep. Speaking for myself, this project caused a lot of unnecessary and unwanted stress. Anxiety took over and made me less motivated each week to work on it.  Yes I will admit to wasting some time that could have been used for working on my project, but I am also a student athlete that is swimming in a pool of stress right now. The last thing I need is a time consuming project raining over me. I like the idea of the project but I think it would better fit a class of seniors who have already decided where they’re going to college and are thinking about careers. I don’t think this project is for sophomores who have no idea what their future holds.
I also did not like the blog posts. To me they were a waste of time because it felt as if nobody was reading them but myself. When other people aren’t showing interest in your project it slows you down, brings down the confidence you started with, and lessens your motivation to keep going. I originally planned to host a volleyball tournament to raise money for cancer, but because of the little interest people seemed to have in it, even my teacher, I gave up on it. I wish I would’ve hosted the tournament but I started growing a fear that people wouldn’t show up and I would raise no money for these families.

At the beginning of this project I was extremely excited to be working on something that has personally affected me, but now that I’m at the finish line I feel like a failure. And not in a good way, not in the way we were supposed to fail. I feel like I have let people down and I am disappointed in myself because of that. I always have people telling me that I can’t do something and I usually end up proving them wrong, but not this time. When I first started playing volleyball, they told me I’d never make a national team, now I play for one of top 5 teams in the country. They told me playing in college was just a dream, but it is all becoming a reality. But now because of this project, I feel like I have given in to my reputation, I’ve caved to the people telling me I can’t. And that is not okay. I wish I could go back to square one, but now it is over and I have the chance to use what I have learned in order to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I am just praying and hoping that my speech doesn’t end up like my project, a fail. For those that have been reading my posts, thank you for showing interest and I apologize for letting you down.

Monday, April 20, 2015


From spring break until now my project has been on a little hold as I was waiting for the lady I'm working with to contact me. She emailed me asking about starting to plan the volleyball tournament and I am very excited to start working with her. This lady is from a charity called Angels of Hope, a foundation looking to raise money and awareness for children's cancer. I have been a little backed up due to a rough volleyball schedule. I have traveled to 6 states this past month competing in big tournaments leaving me with little time to plan my own tournament. As the final date starts approaching I've been having bad anxiety with time contraints. I think have decided to put off the tournament until after I have given my speech and finished my project so the stress level isn't so high. And speaking of my speech, I have been stressing a lot about it considering I'm not the person that can memorize things very well or public speak. But I am also excited to share my talk, because i want to motivate everyone that it is important to live. Yes, we are all blessed to be breathing but in order to have a successful life we need to live it. And that is what my speech will focus on. How to live a meaningful life and to never take things for granted. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015


As I mentioned in my blog last week, I was at a roadblock and did not really know what to go from there, but this week I recovered from that by taking a big leap forward with my project. I contacted a local Family Cancer Foundation, known as Angels of Hope. The coordinator of the volunteer activities has been in touch with me for the past few days trying to set up a date to meet so her and I can plan the volleyball fundraiser. She has been a great help by promoting my idea on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. I am hoping with the attention of social media, my fundraiser will have a good turn out. All of my proceeds will be going to Angels of Hope to help families struggling with the disease and to help find a cure. She is trying to find a family that I can meet with in the near future to talk about cancer and what it is like battling it. I have also contacted the principal of Brownell Middle School in hopes of using their gym to host this event. As I wait for his response I will be in touch with the people of Angels of Hope planning the event and sorting everything out. This week has me very excited to see where this all goes!

Sunday, February 22, 2015


This past week was our mid-winter break, leaving a lot of free time for us to work on our projects. Unfortunately, I spent the whole week in Kentucky and Chicago playing volleyball. I did not get much of an opportunity to spend a lot of time contacting people or even thinking about my project. It payed off considering my team beat the fourth ranked team in the country and things are looking up for the rest of our season. But about my project, I have had a lot of anxiety these past few weeks because I had recently found out that the local children's hospital does not accept volunteers under the age of 18 so as of now I'm at a roadblock. I also feel like I am running out of time to set up this volleyball tournament. I hope to get this all under control soon, but with my volleyball season picking up it is going to take a lot of work. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015


This week, my grandma and cousin, my two mentors, took the time to sit down and discuss with me about what it's like to not only be the one fighting cancer but also the one in charge of taking care of the cancer patient. I finally got to understand what being in their shoes was like during the months of my grandma's chemotherapy. I learned that both sides had a tough job that took a lot of time getting used to. When I looked my grandma in the eyes, they were bloodshot red as she turned to my cousin and thanked her for standing by her side through the toughest days and the longest days. This really spoke to me, because it is even more important for me that I spend quality time with the kids in the hospital and get to know them. I plan to call the oncologist again tomorrow and speak with him giving and outline of my plans in the upcoming weeks. On an unrelated note, my volleyball team traveled to Munice, Indiana and went undefeated in a tournament and I've completed segment two for drivers training and it's just a matter of time until my birthday!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015


This past week I haven't had the opportunity to put in much time on my project, due to finals week. I spent my whole week focused on school work and studying, while over the weekend I relaxed and spent some time up north. So, in the upcoming week I hope to focus a little more on my project and get some stuff done that I wish I could've done this past week. I hope to set up dates and times where I can come in and talk to these kids that are fighting cancer. and I also hope to decide on a charity soon so I can begin planning the volleyball tournament. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015


        The last two weeks over winter break have given me an opportunity to work more and figure out my ultimate goal for this project. Last week I made a hair appointment, originally planning to only cut off a few centimeters, until a friend suggested I donate it. At first, I did not even consider it, then at the salon I told my hairdresser to cut off as many inches as I need in order to donate it. About an hour later, in my hand I held a ponytail of hair and I was feeling about ten inches lighter. I chose to donate it, because when my friend had mentioned it to me I thought about the kids that aren't nearly as fortunate as me to even have a full head of hair. I figured it was the least I could do for these people fighting cancer, and it perfectly tied into my project. I donated my hair to a non-profit charity known as Locks of Love, and I have made it my duty to not only encourage girls to donate their hair, but to also inform people what a difference they can make. The simplest thing, like cutting your hair, could make the fight against cancer a little bit easier for these patients.

Over the break, my dad and I also spent some time to go through and watch Jimmy Valvano and Stuart Scotts' Espy speeches on what it is like to fight cancer and what it takes to beat it. Stuart Scott that night of the Espy's told the audience “When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.” These words are something EVERYONE should live by. Both speeches spoke a lot about how to live your life at the absolute greatest, and when I visit children in the hospital I hope to share this with them. 

I also have finally had the chance to contact an oncologist, I plan to stay in touch with them in hopes to set times where I can visit children in the hospital. I have been searching and reading about a lot of charities that I could possibly team up with, but I have not decided on one yet. My family and I have chosen to host a volleyball tournament at my school in order to raise money for my charity. I chose volleyball over basketball, because I am more closely related with volleyball and I think more kids will be interested to play in it. I plan to get in touch with the principal and athletic director to see what my options are for this event.