Sunday, November 23, 2014

Not A Productive Week

I am disappointed to share that this past week was not productive for me in regards to my 20 time project. This was the end of my high school volleyball season, which made this week quite overwhelming, not to mention the two essays I had to write along with nightly homework. I planned on getting in touch with the local Children's Hospital to see if they have any ideas for a charity I could partner with and to possibly set times for when I can visit kids in the hospital, but Since none of that happened, I will be pushing it back so I can hopefully arrange all of that this upcoming week. On the brighter side of things, I contacted my grandma to ask if she would be my mentor and she was honored and thrilled for this opportunity. I am excited to see where she will lead me and how she will inspire me considering she knows what these children are going through and the tough battles they fight each day. With Thanksgiving break coming up this week, I hope to spend a little more time on my project and do some more research on ideas for raising money and awareness.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Finding a Charity

This week I have received an email from Adreian Payne's agent. She explained to me that since Adreain has recently been drafted and moved from Michigan to Atlanta and because his NBA schedule is so busy, he will not have the time it would take to be my mentor for this project. He wishes me luck and has asked me to keep him updated on how things go, so there is still an oppurtuinity that he can still be a small part of my project. I plan totalk with my grandma, a cancer survivor, this weekend. I am going to ask if she will mentor me through this project. I think she will be a good person to guide me, because she knows what it is like to spend hours in the hospital with not always having someone to talk to and she will understand what the kids are going through. 

I also have been doing a lot of research this past week on finding a charity that I could possibly team up. I have not found one yet, but soon I will be visiting my local children's hospital in Detroit and maybe someone there can lead my in the right direction. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Defense Against Cancer

Last year I was truly inspired by the story of Michigan State basketball player, Adreian Payne, and cancer patient, Lacey Holsworth. Around the same time that year, my grandmother was fighting ovarian cancer, and me being in Michigan, I felt very helpless that I couldn't not do anything to help her. Recently I had realized I actually had been providing her with something she really needed, someone to talk with. A simple phone call each day could make her smile no matter the condition she was in. That is what I hope to do with my project. I plan on devoting my time to team up with a local children's hospital and find a charity for which I can raise money. I have thought about possibly hosting a youth basketball tournament at my school with the proceeds going to charity. This past week, I have been emailing Adreian Payne's agent to see if he could possibly be my mentor in order to keep me motivated!