Sunday, February 22, 2015


This past week was our mid-winter break, leaving a lot of free time for us to work on our projects. Unfortunately, I spent the whole week in Kentucky and Chicago playing volleyball. I did not get much of an opportunity to spend a lot of time contacting people or even thinking about my project. It payed off considering my team beat the fourth ranked team in the country and things are looking up for the rest of our season. But about my project, I have had a lot of anxiety these past few weeks because I had recently found out that the local children's hospital does not accept volunteers under the age of 18 so as of now I'm at a roadblock. I also feel like I am running out of time to set up this volleyball tournament. I hope to get this all under control soon, but with my volleyball season picking up it is going to take a lot of work. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015


This week, my grandma and cousin, my two mentors, took the time to sit down and discuss with me about what it's like to not only be the one fighting cancer but also the one in charge of taking care of the cancer patient. I finally got to understand what being in their shoes was like during the months of my grandma's chemotherapy. I learned that both sides had a tough job that took a lot of time getting used to. When I looked my grandma in the eyes, they were bloodshot red as she turned to my cousin and thanked her for standing by her side through the toughest days and the longest days. This really spoke to me, because it is even more important for me that I spend quality time with the kids in the hospital and get to know them. I plan to call the oncologist again tomorrow and speak with him giving and outline of my plans in the upcoming weeks. On an unrelated note, my volleyball team traveled to Munice, Indiana and went undefeated in a tournament and I've completed segment two for drivers training and it's just a matter of time until my birthday!!