Monday, April 20, 2015


From spring break until now my project has been on a little hold as I was waiting for the lady I'm working with to contact me. She emailed me asking about starting to plan the volleyball tournament and I am very excited to start working with her. This lady is from a charity called Angels of Hope, a foundation looking to raise money and awareness for children's cancer. I have been a little backed up due to a rough volleyball schedule. I have traveled to 6 states this past month competing in big tournaments leaving me with little time to plan my own tournament. As the final date starts approaching I've been having bad anxiety with time contraints. I think have decided to put off the tournament until after I have given my speech and finished my project so the stress level isn't so high. And speaking of my speech, I have been stressing a lot about it considering I'm not the person that can memorize things very well or public speak. But I am also excited to share my talk, because i want to motivate everyone that it is important to live. Yes, we are all blessed to be breathing but in order to have a successful life we need to live it. And that is what my speech will focus on. How to live a meaningful life and to never take things for granted.